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When it comes to bankruptcy and family law, the justice system can seem like an endless web. We aim to simplify and offer as much insight in to the legal system as possible. Here you will find numerous articles in which we lay out our insight to the justice system. We will cover everything from chapter 7 bankruptcies to how to prepare for your divorce case.

Qualified Answer

Daniel Usiak - Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Maybe you wonder, like some of my clients did, whether you “qualify” to file for bankruptcy even if you have not missed a payment on your credit cards or other debts. Chances are you are contacting me because you have decided that you owe more debt than you can afford to pay. If that is the case, then bankruptcy is probably a reasonable alternative.

There are some details about your situation that we need to discuss to determine if and when you should file. These include what your household gross income is; the value of your assets; the amount of your debt; are you divorced; and what payments or transfers you have made recently to friends, family or other creditors. The bottom line is whether filing bankruptcy and getting a fresh start will improve the quality of life for you and your family. The best way to determine that is an initial consultation with a bankruptcy attorney. Call for an appointment so we can talk about what is best for you.